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Our Obedience classes are taught in modules. When you and your dog master the skills in Level 1 you move to Level 2. Everyone works at their own pace. No more waiting for others to catch up or feeling rushed when you are working on a skill that is especially important for your situation. There is flexibility within our lessons that will allow you to train on different days if your schedule changes at the last minute. You can also go down in levels if you need to brush up on skills. This is a flexible program built to fit the needs of each student. All 1st time students must attend an orientation before starting classes. Orientations are scheduled one on one. ​Our Obedience program classes $120 for 2 months of training. Registration and payment are completed at orientation.

 Dogs do not attend orientation. Call to schedule your one on one orientation.

Level 1        Monday 6pm     Wednesday 7pm

             Skills taught: Sit, Down, Stay, Walk politely on a leash, 4 feet on the floor, coming when called,

        greeting people politely, appropriate play. Discussions cover, biting, jumping up, potty training,

        crate training, kids and dogs, and other topics as needed.

Level 2        Monday 7pm     Wednesday 6pm

             Skills taught: We now add distractions and duration to all of the skills in Level 1. 

        They learn work harder and longer. By adding distraction we teach our dogs that the attention

        they give us is rewarded beyond what they would have gained from being impulsive. Tricks and

​       skills are also taught to make life easier for us. Hold still while I wipe your feet and go to your place 

​       are just a few things.

What you get with your training program:

2 months of unlimited obedience training at your level

Flexibility in training days and times

A well behaved dog that wants to follow your directions

A dog that is attentive and has impulse control

After completing L2 your dog will be ready to enroll in any of our specialty classes. There are Rally obedience, Competition obedience, Agility and Trick classes. Specialty class start dates are on our Facebook page 2 weeks before starting or you can email for information. All are a great way to continue to build your relationship with your dog. Special consideration for placement is classes if your dog has a performance title.