You must preregister for specialty classes!

Beginning Agility: 6 week course $110, meeting 1 hour per week. Class size limited to 8. Dogs must be 1 year old or older and dog friendly.
        Start date:
                September 10th 8pm
                September 13th 6pm

Rally Obedience: 6 week course $110, meeting 1 hour per week. Class size limited to 6.
        Start date:
                October 28th 6pm

Barn Hunt: 6 week course $130, meeting 2 hours per week. You must stay the entire 2 hours to help set up and tear down the course. Class size limited to 12.

        Start date:

                 September 13th 7pm

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Class Schedule

​Monday                     Tuesday                    Wednesday                  Thursday

5:00 Level 2               4:00 Rally                  6:00 Agility                   6:00 Agility

6:00 Level 1               5:00 Level 1              7:00 Level 1                  7:00 CGC/Therapy Dog prep

7:00 Agility                 6:00 Level 2              8:00 Level 2

                                    7:00 Agility

                                    8:00 Level 3

Our Obedience classes are taught in modules. When you and your dog master the skills in L1 you move to L2... Everyone works at their own pace. No more waiting for others to catch up or feeling rushed when you are working on a skill that is especially important for your situation. There is flexibility with modules that will allow you to train on different days if your schedule changes at the last minute. You can also go down in levels if you need to brush up on skills. This is a flexible program built to fit the needs of each student. All 1st time students must attend an orientation before starting classes. ​Our Obedience program classes $120 and all of our specialty courses are $110. Registration and payment are done during orientation.

Saturdays 10:00 am unless stated otherwise, No dogs attend orientation

Orientation Dates


                                                   April 18, 2019 Thursday7pm

                                                   May 11, 2019                       May 25, 2019 

What you get with your training program:

2 months of unlimited obedience training at your level

Flexibility in training days and times

A well behaved dog that wants to follow your directions

A dog that is attentive and has impulse control

After completing L2 your dog will be ready to enroll in any of our specialty classes. There are Rally obedience, Competition obedience, Agility and Trick classes. Specialty class start dates are on our Facebook page 2 weeks before starting or you can email for information. All are a great way to continue to build your relationship with your dog. Special consideration for placement is classes if your dog has a performance title.